10 Tips For Writing Your Blog.

If you are interested in writing, you’ve read more than once about the fear of the blank page. Face the uncomfortable feeling of vacuum writing surface. If you’re a passionate blogger of your subject but not necessarily a professional letters … this fear can be enhanced to infinity if you feel the lack of appropriate measures to address the Blogger interface with creative spirit and pregnant tools. If you want to learn how to ward off the anxiety of writing each post with simple tips which you can apply without being a letrada- and absolutely applicable, then I invite you to continue reading. Let me know your opinion about it in the comments.

But once you’ve relaxed to advance your story, you have laid stress points and feel comfortable taking the reader through your unique rollercoaster … you run the risk of andarte around the bush and not achieve. You entertain at every turn, lose yourself in long descriptions, small talk, unimportant and irrelevant details to the narrative axis events and even for secondary stories. Because, in this case, if you get get their attention, but at a certain point in your novel will greedily. Symptom 1: fall too often reminisce of the characters. Unless, of course, that it is a structure in the form of flashbacks, it’s a warning sign.

Write to time: it’s not about to start writing a post a month before publication. In fact, this may be another recipe for disaster. Tension is an essential ingredient to have good ideas. What we must avoid is write a post and publish it afterwards. It let stand the writing on the draft and return a day later. So your mind will be more rested and fresh to find the weak points and improve the text.

Besides getting more permanent on your site, you’ll deliver more value and complete the theme that you are addressing. Asking encourages conversation and analysis, do not be afraid. You can ask questions in the development of post and use the end to encourage comments. It is not that all your post with more than 1500 words, but it is assumed that a longer post will address the issue in greater depth and are statistically more likely to be shared. It helps inspiration and eliminates all distractions, and please do not hold it; pulls out all your ideas. Then you have time to organize.

Hi good afternoon for a while I wanted to write and have come to my mind a lot of ideas to do but never did what the target Step 2 of ideas and today I wanted to write’m totally blank. I advise you to look at my section Where do I start “and seek input from Stage fright publishing” and the Am I prepared to publish? “. Hello I am a girl who has been asked in school to write a short history of at least 150 words and in Valencian and nothing I did not come to mind and enter this blog, I hope you serve me.